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Mon, May. 16th, 2005, 05:44 pm
lone_assassin: I'm hungry...

I am so bloody hungry it's not funny. But unfortunately, there is no food in the fridge (at least nothing instant), and ice cream when my fingers are dying from the cold doesn't quite seem like a good idea. There are no chips I tell you! My house is in it's all time low, with the lack of food and stuff. It's really annoying I tell you! Sigh, and then there's my piano lesson later, which I am dreading like the plague, not that I don't enjoy playing the piano, but I haven't practiced at all, and well, I'm just plain lazy. Which is nothing new.

Oh, and Katrina, the fic is at this site: Epiphany. Anyone else who wants to read some nice high school AU fic of Gundam Wing and doesn't mind a minor bit of 1+2. go there. It's really interesting, and the Heero there is adorable!

Anyway, should get around to doing something more productive. Laters all!