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Mon, May. 9th, 2005, 10:57 pm
rinexxx: And so I arrive...

...at....Wriggling Mushrooms. -_-;;;

Truly wriggly ones...at that.


The end is near...

...But in the meantime, I shall rant. Or not. Not, actually. Everything seems to take too much effort nowadays (and before)...

So, yes, I merely posted to announce my arrival.^_^

And now I shall return to other things (such as sarcasm cakes).


XXX ^_^

Tue, May. 10th, 2005 02:46 pm (UTC)

I am glade you joined....:D

Tue, May. 10th, 2005 02:49 pm (UTC)

For the eskimo thingy....click on the second link...and go to download and voila...gay eskimo for you too.

I went out seal hunting with my best friend parker, but all I wanted to do was get into his tarker(sp?)