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Thu, May. 5th, 2005, 05:50 pm
alaceron: The Mushroom! It is so wiggly!

Sorry folks, couldn't resist the subject. ;) I trust you to understand. *snerk* Just be glad I don't do multimedia....then, as well as that gay eskimo thing, we'd have mushrooms wiggling across the screen...as mushroom dance?...ah, obsession is a scary thing.
Well, in other news....bought a new headband for photos. Took me ten minutes to figure out how it worked. (It had all these funky twisted wire protrusions...I have no idea.)It's giving me a headache. Argh.
I haven't written any fanfiction lately, been caught up in the idea of writing a novel...but a COOL novel, something like a good-anime-grade storyline, not a shitty american (they don't DESERVE a capital! they should be grateful I spelt the name right at all, considering how much I hate their "fantasy"!) fantasy novel in which prince-but-not-prince/ex-soldier/vagabond/knight A meets love interest princess/enchantress B on a journey to perilous place C to retrieve (steal) magical artifact D, along with dwarf, elf and miscellaneous creature E, F and G. So, as I always do when hit with these..episodes, I have been mapping out character bios and storyline ideas. Don't worry, I'll get over it, and you'll probably never even hear about it. And so, I'll be posting old fiction up when the mood takes me. Look out for it, hmm? ;)
Cheers, my little mushies.