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Sun, Jun. 5th, 2005, 05:05 pm
alaceron: Oohooh another fic!

SEKKUSU PISUTORUZU fic! (and you'll leave that manga title the way it is if you know what's good for you =p)

Well, I'm thinking most of you won't have read it, but I've told Lucy and Emily the relevant story, and you don't really need any background knowledge to read this anyway...it just helps =p.

So, if you wouldn't mind following this link...


Ahahaha, just ignore that community name. =p

Wed, Jun. 1st, 2005, 08:20 pm
alaceron: ARGH.

It's so sad.

I had this idea for a Gundam Wing fic, but didn't know how to go about writing it. So I thought about it for a while, causing it then to split into two different ideas, and now I have twice the amount of problem I had to begin with.

Moral: Don't think. It just gets you into more shit.

Mon, May. 16th, 2005, 05:44 pm
lone_assassin: I'm hungry...

I am so bloody hungry it's not funny. But unfortunately, there is no food in the fridge (at least nothing instant), and ice cream when my fingers are dying from the cold doesn't quite seem like a good idea. There are no chips I tell you! My house is in it's all time low, with the lack of food and stuff. It's really annoying I tell you! Sigh, and then there's my piano lesson later, which I am dreading like the plague, not that I don't enjoy playing the piano, but I haven't practiced at all, and well, I'm just plain lazy. Which is nothing new.

Oh, and Katrina, the fic is at this site: Epiphany. Anyone else who wants to read some nice high school AU fic of Gundam Wing and doesn't mind a minor bit of 1+2. go there. It's really interesting, and the Heero there is adorable!

Anyway, should get around to doing something more productive. Laters all!

Sun, May. 15th, 2005, 03:28 pm
alaceron: PH34R the fanfic SPAM!

Well, since Lucy's posting fics...don't want her to be the only one, eh? ;)
I didn't want to post an old fic just yet, so....I wrote this one AGES ago, and I don't think I ever posted it...because I wanted to work out the storyline and write a bit more before I did. BUT, after not having written anything but a half-arsed attempt at a chapter 2, I decided I'd post it to get some feedback. (Don't you guys feel priveledged, hmm? Premier seats to...well...ok, you probably shouldn't feel priveledged after all.)

Harry Potter Fanfic..ness.

Title: Draconis (Though it could be quite aptly titled : Alaceron's Excuse For Creating One Big Mass of Completely Pointless and Very Dirty Innuendo)
Author: Yup.
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: After the village he grew up in finds itself in a spot of bother with a dragon, Harry unwittingly gets himself into the rather awkward position of Virgin Sacrifice. After finding the dragon to be completely different from anything he'd imagined, Harry soon discovers that he may still be eaten—just not in the way he expected...Be careful, Harry! Though your life may not be in imminent danger, other things certainly are!  
Rating: Pg-13 ish? Look, honestly, with the things kids are exposed to these days, I have no idea.
Warnings: Slash (...surprise?), a little coarse language, and BLATANT innuendo. (this is me, remember.)


Read if you are either very daring, very stupid, or just very bored.Collapse )


Chapter 1: Enter the Dragon


“Come on!”


Harry tugged desperately at the cords the bound his hands.


“Come on, just break, damn it!”


He strained against the rope with his full weight, as he’d been doing repeatedly for the past hour. His wrists had been rubbed raw, but the rope still bund them as tightly as ever.

Breathing hard, Harry slumped against the stake he was tied to, his energy spent. A sudden deafening roar split the air.

Harry’s head shot up. There was another roar, and then the dragon finally made its appearance. It paused in its flight, turning its head and fixing one large grey eye on Harry.




* * * * *

Eyes fixed on the dragon, Harry realised with a sinking feeling that he was probably about to die a horrible, gruesome death— very, very soon. He waited for his life to flash before his eyes. It didn’t look like it was going to happen anytime soon.


“I’ve been cheated out of so many things in life; I refuse to be cheated out of this too. If everyone else gets to have their life flash before their eyes, then damn it, I will too, even if I have to force it to happen myself!”


So he did.


For as long as he could remember, Harry had lived in a small, isolated village. He had been left as a baby on this aunt’s doorstep, with nothing but a note stating his name, age and relation to her. His aunt and uncle had been loath to take him in, but were forced to do so for the sake of keeping up appearances.


And so, Harry had been put in the stable, and made to carry out menial tasks while his pampered cousin Dudley watched and laughed. Harry hadn’t minded too much; he got to work with the animals —his only allies in at his aunt’s house— which he liked, and he was left pretty much to his own devices once his work was finished.


The other villagers liked him well enough, first for his mother’s sake, and then when they got to know him, for his own. All in all, he was quite content with his lot— that is, until puberty hit.


There were quite a few children of his age group, both girls and boys. The girls were all fairly ordinary— some were pretty enough, but they were nothing spectacular. The boys were also fairly average— all of normal height and stocky build. (There were exceptions: Dudley for one was at the larger end of the spectrum, and his friend Piers was the complete opposite.) And apart from the standard “hello” and other such niceties, these children all pretty much left Harry alone.


When they all reached their early teens, however, the boys began to notice girls, and the girls noticed boys right back. This would not have been a problem— if the girls had not all decided to notice Harry.


For the other boys, puberty was hell. They broke out in spots, grew in spurts that left them both looking and feeling awkward in their own bodies, their voiced squeaked and were unintelligibly deep in turns, they started to smell…and to make it all worse, Harry wasn’t affected at all. His skin remained clear, his voice made a smooth transition to a pleasant tenor, he retained his innate grace and showed no sign of any nasty smells. Harry came out of puberty a handsome young man; tall, slender and pale-skinned, with a head of glossy (though untameable) black hair and a striking pair of clear green eyes. To the village girls, he was God. Even their fathers loved him; Harry was a perfect gentleman, and more importantly, he was strictly look-and-don’t-touch.


Suddenly, all the boys had it in for him.


However, after many failed attempts at trying to gang up on Harry and “break that pretty face of his”, they discovered that Harry was not, in fact, an easy boy to bully.


Firstly, he was an exceptionally fast runner. Then there was the fact that when he hid, if he didn’t want you to see him, you wouldn’t, even if he was right under your nose. The boys also discovered that once Harry made it into the nearby forest, they had absolutely no hope of finding him, and more often than not they would find themselves lost, affording them much embarrassment when found later by a search party— which was always led by Harry.


It was like this until Harry’s seventeenth year. The year the dragon came.


The first time the dragon attacked, Harry had been hiding from the other boys in the forest. He’d returned to find the villagers all gathered around the charred remains of a sheep pen. The sheep were all gone. As the attacks grew more frequent, the villagers became more and more frightened and worried that either they or their children were next. They tried all number of supposed “wards”, all of which featured dragonsbane as a main ingredient, to but to no avail. The desperate villagers sent a messenger to the nearby town to seek advice. After a week of anxious waiting, the answer came. Only one thing would satisfy the dragon: virgin sacrifice.


Arguments broke out over who the sacrifice would be.

“You can provide one! You’ve got plenty of children!”


“How dare you talk about my children as if they were objects I have to spare! If you’re so eager to volunteer someone else’s children, why don’t we use one of yours?”


“Yes, you can always have another one.”


“Yeah? Well so can you!”


Vernon turned back to look at Harry, who’d been watching quietly from behind his aunt and cousin. Harry didn’t like the glint in his eye, nor did he like the calculating look on his uncle’s face.


“What about Harry?”


The villagers fell silent, and all turned to face him. Harry was an orphan, after all; an easy target, with no real family to protect him.


Although they liked him, it was either him or one of theirs, and well, blood is thicker than water. They started to close in on him, and Harry realised, with growing horror, that there was no escape for him this time. Someone dealt a blow to the back of his head, and then his world went black.


When Harry came to, he was half-naked, but his glasses were remarkably still unbroken and still on his face. He looked up to see his cousin smirking at him.


“You’re not a girl, though you look like one, so we thought we’d show him that your flesh is as tender as any maiden’s. We don’t want him to leave you, now do we?”


Sniggering madly, he turned and waddled off as fast as he could…


Which brought Harry back to his present predicament. He groaned. It was too late for escape now; he was going to die.


* * * * *

The dragon swooped down, slowing during the last few metres to lower itself down gently. Harry found himself face to face with what he guessed to be its shin. Lowering its head so that it was somewhat on the same level as Harry’s, it looked Harry in the eye.


.:So…Oh, wait—:.


Feeling disturbed as it was about the prospect of being eaten, not to mention the voice in his head, Harry got the shock of his life when, in place of the huge reptile, he saw a blonde youth of about his age standing in front of him. His eyes were so wide in fact, that he was sure they’d be popping out of his head any minute now.


After openly eyeing Harry's chest (as well as....other things) , the other boy smirked and spoke.


“Kinky. I’m not complaining or anything, but how did they know I was gay?”

* * * * *

To be continued. (oh yes, be afraid, VERY afraid!)


Well, tell me what you think, then. (I know the "his life flashed before his eyes" was a shameless plot device to bring the preceeding events in, but hey, how else was I supposed to get it all out? It's forgivable, isn't it?)







And the Mood thing? There wasn't an [evil]. I'm extremely put out. =p








Sat, May. 14th, 2005, 10:38 pm
lone_assassin: Random Fic #0003: Paintings

Assassin writes, again! Okay, I was bored and desperate for something to do, so ended up writing this weird little fic about...something...well, rest assured that at least it is Gundam Wing...in a strange and weird way. Urm...my mind is not with me today... Anyways...

Name: Paintings
Category: Gundam Wing; 2+1
Rating: PG-13+ (mainly for the strangeness)
Summary: AU Duo paints himself a hero, a Heero just for him.

Onwards!Collapse )

Wed, May. 11th, 2005, 11:55 am
lone_assassin: BWAHA

I have returned!! So, are you all scared? BWAHAHAH!!

Okay, I get the idea. I'm not scary, just weird. Oh well...

Haven't been doing much...not writing, not homework, just nothing at all. Luckily, my politics teacher is away on "prof development" for the whole week, so I can have Wednesday off for once. Not that I'm doing much with my spare time. More like sit in front of my poor, overused laptop and type random, senseless posts. At least the idea that you guys are probably doing the same thing offers some comfort to my blankness...or not...

Anyways, as promised, the mushroom pic! Ph34r 411! Enter the reason why we named out community after mushrooms!



Tue, May. 10th, 2005, 11:02 pm

Indeed, I was browsing fanfiction on livejournal....AND LOOK WHAT I FOUND!


Go there. And scroll down. (read the fic if you wish.) The comments...look at those icons....=D

Mon, May. 9th, 2005, 10:57 pm
rinexxx: And so I arrive...

...at....Wriggling Mushrooms. -_-;;;

Truly wriggly ones...at that.


The end is near...

...But in the meantime, I shall rant. Or not. Not, actually. Everything seems to take too much effort nowadays (and before)...

So, yes, I merely posted to announce my arrival.^_^

And now I shall return to other things (such as sarcasm cakes).


XXX ^_^

Thu, May. 5th, 2005, 05:50 pm
alaceron: The Mushroom! It is so wiggly!

Sorry folks, couldn't resist the subject. ;) I trust you to understand. *snerk* Just be glad I don't do multimedia....then, as well as that gay eskimo thing, we'd have mushrooms wiggling across the screen...as mushroom dance?...ah, obsession is a scary thing.
Well, in other news....bought a new headband for photos. Took me ten minutes to figure out how it worked. (It had all these funky twisted wire protrusions...I have no idea.)It's giving me a headache. Argh.
I haven't written any fanfiction lately, been caught up in the idea of writing a novel...but a COOL novel, something like a good-anime-grade storyline, not a shitty american (they don't DESERVE a capital! they should be grateful I spelt the name right at all, considering how much I hate their "fantasy"!) fantasy novel in which prince-but-not-prince/ex-soldier/vagabond/knight A meets love interest princess/enchantress B on a journey to perilous place C to retrieve (steal) magical artifact D, along with dwarf, elf and miscellaneous creature E, F and G. So, as I always do when hit with these..episodes, I have been mapping out character bios and storyline ideas. Don't worry, I'll get over it, and you'll probably never even hear about it. And so, I'll be posting old fiction up when the mood takes me. Look out for it, hmm? ;)
Cheers, my little mushies.

Wed, May. 4th, 2005, 09:36 pm
minna_q: Image Hosting


For those that want to post images on lj(looks at fishie).I created an account at brinkster for this purpose.
The user name is:wigglymushroom
Password: um.........ask me for it...since I used my personal email to signup...bad me.

Just load it on to brinkster and the link it here ...it should work.



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